Monday, May 24, 2010

Whatever happened to Dirty Linen Magazine?

Dirty Linen Magazine was where I first started writing about music in a serious way. In fact, my column, Radio Planet 3, was in the first edition of the magazine to appear under that name (it was called "Fairport Fanatics" before then).

So it is a shame to see that, after so many years of working so hard to maintain a magazine of great musical and writing standards, Paul and Sue Hartman have been forced to abandon the magazine. After a few years of trying to work with a new publisher, impossible differences have led them to announce their "retirement" from DL.

I know them both pretty well after all these years, and I know they will not be out of the game for long. You can find out more about their future plans on their blog, What happened to Dirty Linen?.

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