Sunday, January 07, 2007

Klezmatics (with Woody Guthrie) nominated for Grammy

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The Klezmatics have been nominated for a "Best Contemporary World Music Album" Grammy Award this month.

Wonder Wheel features songs of Woody Guthrie (most never before seen) and set to music by members of the Klezmatics.

On Wonder Wheel, The Klezmatics move away from klezmer on many of the cuts, even using an electric guitar to create a variety of contemporary sounds. The songs evoke Guthrie's experience in Brooklyn, an immigrant coming from the other direction, finding himself among European emigres, as well as blacks, Latinos and Asians.

You can read Marty Lipp's somplete review of this 2006 recording on RootsWorld


Anonymous said...

I love Wonder Wheel!

The Klezmatics sound great on this CD and it is so cool that a record label that has only been around for a year has been nominated for a Grammy.

I truly hope they win. I wish I was a voting member!


Anonymous said...

Given the background information on how the Klezmatics arrived at performing Woodie Guthrie's music, it is refreshing to see a renewed interest and resurrgence of this band and their music. Since they've been nomimated for a Grammy, it is all the more exciting to have a chance to see the band perform live. The Klezmatics are playing with Hugh Masekela at S.O.B.'s in New York City on Sunday January 21.

cliff said...

and the winner was....
The Klezmatics!