Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Youssou N’Dour Announces New African Health Initiative

At the United Nations on Wednesday, March 29, 2006, Senegalese 'world music' star and social activist Youssou N’Dour announces a new initiative to prevent malaria and to promote better health in Africa.

Activists, policy makers and UN officials will gather to discuss The Roll Back Malaria Campaign at film screening of “Africa Live: The Roll Back Malaria Concert,” a 60-minute concert documentary conceived by Youssou N'Dour and Mick Csaky. A brief panel discussion and reception will precede the film.

Malaria is the largest killer of children in Africa, killing a child every 30 seconds. Every year, an estimated 300-600 million people suffer from the disease. When Malaria strikes, it slows economic growth costing African nations about $12 billion each year, and prevents our future generations from attending school hindering their social development. Its prevention is an important part of poverty reduction and economic development.

Source: UNICEF
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Ritva L said...

I spend some months every winter in West Africa and have experienced the misery of malaria. Children and adults die because they cannot afford treatment or even transport to a clinic. Bird flu feels like a qvasi problem really. I dont know anybody that died from that, but I know people who died from malaria. Many of them. FIGHT is needed!
/Ritva, Sweden.